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Soft Skills Competencies

Any Social Sector ‘development effort’ boils down to effective and
efficient management of projects & programs. A holistic & structured
approach can significantly improve outputs & outcomes in favour of
the ultimate beneficiaries. The social sector today is confronted with
the challenge of doing “more-with-less” while ensuring delivery of
programs within scope, budget and timelines and meeting expected
quality standards. NGOs & CSOs will be evaluated by their donors or
CSR funding organizations on these parameters. It is this that makes
Project Management a key skill for social sector employees

Program management  is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization's performance.

This workshop uses the “learn-and-apply” methodology that blends
conceptual transactions, interactive sessions, group case study/work,
self-learning and focused engagement. The focus is on providing a
comprehensive understanding of the program management lifecycle.


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