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V-LEAD labs is where Ideas are spawned, Innovation is nurtured and Leadership is encouraged and is the place for those who are looking to incubate ideas, think laterally, experiment, build their skill-sets, enhance their talent-stack, teach and build individual as well as collective capacities, contribute to society and make a dent in the sector. Some of the products under V-LEAD labs include:


Internship opportunities are offered to students interested in exploring a career in the development sector. These internships are offered online as well as in-person/on-campus. The minimum duration of an internship is thirty work-days. These internships blend coaching, mentoring, on-the-job learning and structured classroom sessions and reflections that create a unique and enriching experience. 


This a hands-on Fellowship that blends learning with application, discussion with reflection, in an organic and immersive setting. The Fellows are provided an opportunity to work across all elements of the development sector and get to grips with the paradigm of understanding of how “Building Human & Social Capital can lead to sustainable socio-economic development”


This program helps to bridge the gap between “desire to engage” & lack of ‘opportunities/incentives to engage’ specifically for those who are in engaged in full-time employment and are looking for avenues to engage in socially productive activities in order to fulfill their need to contribute to society. This Rewards Program offers a flexible & self-paced engagement on socially productive work.


An immersive and experiential program that blends Social immersion/experience, technical expertise/feasibility and business viability. This program helps budding entrepreneurs learn the ropes of what a social enterprise is and what it takes to build, sustain and grow such enterprises and organizations - The Social Entrepreneurship Program helps build the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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